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Dr Eileen Tan-Gore, before your surgery in Newcastle

During your Consultation with Dr Tan-Gore, you will receive information regarding:

  •   Your procedure, hospital and date of surgery including expected length of stay


  • The reason for your procedure


  • The risks of the procedure, as part of the Informed Consent process


  • How long your procedure will take


  • Any further investigations or tests that are required before surgery


  • Your post-operative course, e.g. how much time off work, how long before you can resume exercise


As part of the booking process, Dr Tan-Gore will complete a Booking Form for the Hospital and a Consent Form.


After this, you can choose to complete your Booking Details by either:

  1.    Completing the form in paper form and submitting it to the hospital, or

  2.    Online:


The Hospital will contact you a few days before your surgery date to advise you of your arrival time, fasting time and any other relevant information to help you prepare for your stay.


Anaesthetic Consult

The Anaesthetist will contact you to assess your fitness for surgery.

The Anaesthetist will advise you of their fees based on the type of surgery you are having.

This process is separate from Dr Tan-Gore’s practice at H+ Consulting Suites, Broadmeadow.



After your Consultation with Dr Tan-Gore, you will receive a Fee Estimate. This will include an itemised invoice, estimated Rebate and estimated Out-of-Pocket Cost.


Payment of the total amount is required before your procedure date. Once you receive your receipt, you will need to lodge a claim with:

-      Medicare: for your Medicare Rebate

-      Your Health Fund: For your Health Fund Rebate


Your ‘Out-of-Pocket’ amount is the difference between your ‘Total Amount’ and the Rebates that you receive.


Your Fee Estimate contains only an estimate of your rebate and the actual amount from Medicare and your Health Fund may vary.


Please be advised that there may be adjustments to your Fee Estimate if Dr Tan-Gore determines that it is in your best interests during surgery. She will have advised you of this during the Consent process.


Please be advised that Dental Procedures do not attract a Medicare Rebate, and some Dental Procedure do not attract Health Fund Rebate.


Once you have received your Fee Estimate, Dr Tan-Gore advises that you contact your Health Fund to determine your level of cover.


Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. Head and Neck Surgery. Microvascular Reconstructive Surgeon. TMJ Surgery. Facial Trauma. Head & Neck Cancer. Skin Cancer. Wisdom Teeth. Salivary Gland. Dentoalveolar. Oral Pathology. Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon. Head and Neck Surgeon. Masseter Botox. Cosmetic injections. Merewether. TMJ Specialist. Oral Surgeon. Newcastle. New South Wales.

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